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YouTube Mobile App Update Focuses On Improving TV Experience



YouTube had made changes that make it easy for people to watch, control and have full experience on any device of their choosing. The popular video platform published a blog post last week which outlines changes the product team made to the mobile apps this year. This includes a new feature to search using voice on either the iOS or Android app and even when their phone is casting to a TV. You can even watch videos in HDR when streaming from a Playstation or Playstation 4 Pro.

Apart from these, YouTube also made changes in its mobile app. A German publication SmartDroid reports that some Android users noticed an update that allows their mobile app to function more like a report control when they’re casting along with the additional voice controls. The update further brings a directional pad that makes navigating and finding videos easier allowing quicker actions for captions and controls.

Though these are minor changes, it speaks about the video platform’s concentrated effort to improve mobile and TV app experience. YouTube is also working on changes to its policies including the FTC-mandated rules for kid’s content. In September, the video platform reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over its violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) that required it to pay a fine of $170 million.

YouTube will be rolling out the new policy changes in January and some video creators are concerned their revenue might be affected. This will directly be related to how the ads will be served. Following COPPA, the platform will stop serving personalized ads on content that is made for kids. Many creators are now concerned about the fact of how YouTube will determine which videos are intended for kids and which are not. This year we saw drastic changes in the platform’s 15 years old history and next year it will likely be dragged into more political fights over privacy, copyright, and content moderation.

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