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Xiaomi to launch two new Phones



In a recent event Xiaomi’s executive have announced that sooner Xiaomi will be unveiling two new smart phones. The launch is going to be huge as this is the first time that Xiaomi has used LPDDR5 RAM chips which are assembled by Micron, using American assembled chips in her smart phones, yet to be launched. The smart phones namely Mi 10 Pro and Mi 10 will be launched in the upcoming week. It has been apprehended that both the phones will be made compatible with 5G as second by the executive of the organization in their second announcement.

Zhiyuan Zhan, in one of the tweets, who is a Marketing Manager at Xiaomi in Japan declared both the smart phone having capability of using 5G along with Micron chips. These chips will be providing 12 GB RAM, making Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro distinct of all especially in their feature of using US assembled chips. Further, Zhiyuan assured that Mi 10 users will be able to experience 5G without having any kind of hurdles while using this version.

Mi 10 amazingly has phenomenal features with better user experience. It has ability to revamp the transmission to 6.4 GBPS. Hence providing the best 5G experience ever. Although Samsung is the only producer assembling LPDDR5 DRAM smart phones until the arrival of S20 phones using that chip but Xiaomi Mi 10 has successfully received the rights to manufacture and let her users enjoy the better user experience with 5th ever generation.

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