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Xbox Series X is almost a Gaming PC despite being a console



Xbox Series X

You might have already seen various reports regarding the reveal of Microsoft Xbox’s next-gen gaming console which will succeed its Xbox One X. This gaming console from Microsoft will be called the Xbox Series X and its design has been changed a bit as well. While we were used to seeing the Xbox One series in shoebox-like structure, the new gaming console from Microsoft looks more like a PC tower. This is because Microsoft has increased the height of its console while reducing its width and we don’t know why that is the case.

Talking about Xbox Series X’s design, it also looks weird to see the CD drive on the console placed horizontally rather than vertically. This shows that it will be tougher to insert a CD inside the Xbox Series X then it was on the Xbox One series. As far as the Xbox Series X is concerned, there are reports which say that the console is almost a PC meant for gaming, a gaming PC in other words. This is because you get 8K gaming on the console as well as variable frame rates and 120Hz refresh rate. You can get all this if you want on a gaming PC as well but it will likely cost upwards of a $1000.

Now, we are not saying that the Xbox Series X might not cost you that much but there is every indication that it will be within the $500-$600 range as was the case with previous consoles. We have seen people saying that gaming consoles are great but they can get more power from a gaming PC. If the Xbox Series X is as powerful as a gaming PC, people who buy a powerful PC just for gaming will likely get the Xbox Series X with the advantage of direct sharing on gaming platforms too.

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