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Swiftkey keyboard is already installed on 500 million devices from Play Store



Swiftkey keyboard

We know that the underrated feature about Android as an operating system is the ability to have options for almost every in-built feature. While you might have not used an iOS device, we will like to tell you that Apple does not allow you to change many default apps on the device. We can give you an example of iOS’s default keyboard, iMessage app and various other apps. However, you can set almost every third-party app as a replacement for your in-built or system app. Talking about third-party apps, one of the best third-party app which is a keyboard app replacement is Swiftkey keyboard.

Talking about the Swiftkey keyboard app, it is worth noting that keyboard apps on Android were a hot mess earlier. We did not have any decent alternatives for changing keyboards on Android and there was no app from Google too. At that time, Swiftkey keyboard was launched and it made waves across the entire Android community since it was that good. After that, Google launched its own keyboard called the Gboard which is currently our default keyboard app. However, the loyal fans of the Swiftkey keyboard have stuck around with the app.

It is now revealed that the Swiftkey keyboard has been installed for more than 500 million times from the Google Play Store. This shows that the keyboard app has been present on 500 million Android devices at some point in time. While the app is still on people’s phones in another concern but the fact that it has been downloaded so many times shows you how popular it has been. Currently, Microsoft owns the Swiftkey keyboard app after seeing its popularity and acquiring it back in 2016. Even after 9 years in operation, the Swiftkey keyboard app is among the top-ranked keyboard apps available for Android devices after Google’s Gboard.

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