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SpaceX once again remain triumphant in initiating 60 more Starlink Satellite Missions While failed at Booster Landing



Recently Starlink has triumphantly launched 60 starlink satellites. It was overall the fifth trip launched by them successfully. This includes 60 small space crafts. Amazingly this was her third trip alone annually. This strip has made Starlink the biggest commercial satellite operator globally. This will accredited with 300 constellations in sum on orbit. The Starlink missioned this to deliver high speed and low speed broadband internet as one of the best experiences ever with the help of small and low Earth satellite orbiting around.

Importantly this time SpaceX have risks differently while launching the mission. This time SpaceX deployed the mission a bit earlier than the pre-set time. Secondly, this time first burn of the rocket took it to the second stage from where they will be orbiting around the Earth and jump immediately up to the desired orbit. Although this will be a bit challenging but will ultimately saves time, money and fuel for SpaceX. This launch has brought in the advancement in the deployment of the mission as well as enhances their reusability level overall with the help of this mission.

Despite of the fact that this was SpaceX 50th landing but unfortunately it has lost the desired landing this time. As per the planning, the craft unable to land on the intended plan rather landed otherwise. According to the sources, the landing was smooth and space craft is under recovery.

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