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Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S20 series might have three models with an ‘Ultra’ too



Samsung Galaxy S20 series

Samsung is already preparing to launch the first smartphone of this year as well as the new decade which should mark a challenging one for the company. The reason being that their sales in the countries outside of Korea are not great and they need to do something to get back into form.

Talking about smartphones to be launched, the company will release its S series phones next year. However, there has been some confusion regarding the naming of these S series phones coming in 2020. While the normal convention is that Samsung will release a Galaxy S11 series, we are seeing reports that Samsung will name it as the S20 series.

Why Samsung will do this name change is not known but it makes sense that Samsung is trying to release an S10, S20, S30 series and so on which gives you the feeling of a significant bump. Let’s assume that we have the next Galaxy S series phones as the Galaxy S20 series. So we have new reports emerging out which also point to more than a few smartphones getting released in February.

As per 9to5Google’s report, there will be three models released this year by Samsung in its lineup. Also, the report mentions that Samsung is looking “for a new beginning” with its S20 series. While we have seen renders and leaks regarding the smartphone, there could be something up Samsung’s sleeve which would make the smartphone that much better.

More interesting is the fact that Samsung’s Galaxy S10e will undergo a name change for this year. The company is looking to follow Apple’s way of naming its iPhone Xr successor as the iPhone 11. As Samsung will also name the S10e successor as S20, simply. For the higher-end variant, there will be an S20+ which will be the regular S10 successor and the S10+ successor will be named something else and there are rumours of S20 Ultra naming too.

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