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Samsung introduces Galaxy Razer; A foldable Phone Glass Screen



Samsung Galaxy has launched the best ever Razer phone for her user. This is the biggest blockbuster launch so far in 2020. This Z Flip amazingly extends towards her boundaries. It is designed with 6.7 glass screen. The phone as far as our experience is concerned is remarkably decent and unanimous in her sleek design. Samsung has recently launched this phone on Tuesday in San Francisco. In terms of its price range, Samsung has threatened the credibility of Motorola Razer in term of budget that costs around 1499$ while Samsung Razer costs only 1380$.

Samsung Z Flip is unanimously known as the first phone even that glass screen with foldable design. Mostly, this phone can handle herself while standing at her own and managing herself in all the best possible angles that the phone is designed to cover up to. Importantly, its Flip does not make grinding noise while opening it; unlike other Razer phones. The best news is the Z Flip is going to be available on 14th February, 2020 on sale. The sale is in selected countries.

The Samsung Z Flip is an ultrathin phone with perfect and smooth navigation system. The phone apparently is an amazing one but there are various if’s and but’s, we need to research and find out like what will happen if this phone will dropped from your hand or table; to what extent the phone will be damaged. Is the damage will be serious or foldable design will ensure lesser damage. Let us see what will be the user reviews and experiences with this extravagant sleek foldable design, introduced by Samsung.

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