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No Under Display Camera in Oppo Find X2 confirms Brian VP Oppo



A lot of users were looking forward to having hands-on the first-ever smartphone with the under-display camera (UD Camera) sensor on Oppo Find X2. Earlier leaks almost confirmed the presence of an under-display camera on Find X2, but today Brian Shen rejected it.

Considering the obstacles of making a smartphone mass production-ready, it’s unlikely we will see an under-screen camera in #OPPOFindX2, as many have asked.” Brian Shen said in a tweet

Even though a lot of looking forward to having a new tech in early 2020 in smartphone after notch and popup cameras on a smartphone, it seems to not happing in the case of Find X2.


Manufacturing UD camera module isn’t that easy as it sounds; it is shockingly tricky; atleast for the time being. The display above the camera is made with a transparent material to redesign pixel structure to allow optimal light passing through the screen. The light is necessary to pass on to lense for capturing a selfie or shooting video with a UD camera.

We shouldn’t be expecting the image quality to be that good with an under-display sensor while compromising with few pixels on a specific part of the screen. Oppo Find X2 may not be the device with an under-display camera during the following year by Oppo, but we should expect few phones with an Under display camera from the brand.

Vice President of Oppo says their primary focus is still on Oppo Find X2’s display. We’ve also heard rumors of this phone having 50W super-fast charging Shen could be pointing towards it by saying, “The screen on #OPPOFindX2 will still be a key focus for the device along with a lot of other industry-leading features.”

Source: GSMArena

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