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Microsoft will show full-screen prompts to Windows 7 users for switching to Windows 10



Windows 10 users

There is a new development in regards to Microsoft and all the Windows 7 users around the world. It is already known publicly that the company has stopped support for Windows XP as well as Windows Vista users. Also, Windows 7 users are in for trouble as the company will stop support for once its most popular OS version starting from next year. As earlier announced by Microsoft, Windows 7 users will stop receiving support from January 15, 2020. However, Microsoft is still not convinced that enough users have switched to Windows 10 from Windows 7 yet.

Therefore, the company has announced a new measure with which it hopes for more and more people to switch. Microsoft says that it will start to show full-screen prompts for users who are still on Windows 7. These prompts will them that their support is ending and they need to switch to Windows 10 as soon as possible. Microsoft also reveals the notification that will take your entire screen as reported by TechSpotThis will mean that more and more people on Windows 7 will get to know that their PC will soon become unsupported and also at risk of hacking attempts. The interesting part about users still on Windows 7 is that they will be mostly found in government offices where security is also important. So Microsoft wants to ensure that Windows 7 users are not compromised in security with its support going away.

However, there are users who are not willing to switch to Windows 10 as they like Windows 7 so much. They will still be able to use Windows 7 but with some compromises. While we were also of the opinion that Windows 7 is better than Windows 10, the current updates to Windows 10 have meant that the operating system is slowly becoming the best Microsoft has ever developed. And you might be aware that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows meaning that the updates will come to Windows 10 rather than getting a new version number.

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