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Microsoft reveals next year’s Xbox will have a name that describes its purpose



Xbox Project Scarlett

One thing that we have come to expect from the gaming community and the companies behind gaming consoles is that they never disappoint. The best thing to happen to the gamers right now are the reports of next year’s consoles being launched. Yes, if you are not aware of those reports then we can inform you that both Microsoft and Sony will be releasing their respective gaming consoles next year. Obviously, we are talking about the next PlayStation from Sony expected to be named as PlayStation 5. And also the next Xbox from Microsoft which is still under wraps as far as its name is concerned.

Now, something new in terms of next year’s Xbox has surfaced in the form of a statement. It is revealed that Microsoft will not name the Xbox console next year like Sony and go with the naming convention of numbers. Instead, the company will give a name to the Xbox which describes the purpose of the console. If you are someone who reads between the lines, this does tell you that Sony is likely to name its next console as the PS5. However, Microsoft’s Xbox is not expected to be named as the Xbox 2.

Right now, the next Xbox from Microsoft is revealed as Project Scarlett which is a codename but the real name is not announced yet. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox line, told IGN that  “Xbox 360 was about the entertainment experience around the box and the box being in the centre of that entertainment experience. Xbox One, if you remember our branding early on, was ‘always on input, all in one’. Those names were really built around the purpose of the box.” Phil also reveals that the next generation of Xbox is already set up at his home and mentions that it will be competitive with the Playstation 5 in price and performance.

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