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Microsoft reveals its next-gen Xbox console named the Xbox Series X



Microsoft Xbox Series X

We know that the gaming industry is buzzing ever since the announcement was made by both Microsoft and Sony that their new gaming consoles will be revealed next year. Ever since then, we have been getting reports about how the gaming consoles would be from both the companies and what their design would be like. However, it was definitely observed that Microsoft was more open about its plans than Sony. Also, the names of these consoles were being speculated and we know that Sony’s console will be called the PlayStation 5. However, there was no word on what Microsoft would name their console apart from the statement that they would name it “which reflects its purpose”.

Another report arrived where it was revealed that Microsoft’s Xbox boss is already using the next-gen Xbox console in his home. Thus, the speculations that Microsoft’s Xbox is ready started and now we can see why that was the case. The reason was that Microsoft has now revealed its next-generation Xbox will be called the Xbox Series X. Apart from that, the design of Xbox Series X is different from the Xbox One series. While the Xbox One series was a rectangular box-like structure, the Xbox Series X almost looks like a PC tower and is taller rather than being wider.

It is revealed by an exclusive report from GameSpot that the Xbox Series X is three times the height of the Xbox controller while it is the same width as that of the Xbox controller. Microsoft, as announced earlier, has said that this gaming console will be available from December 2020 which is the holiday season next year. Similarly, Sony will also reveal their next-gen PS5 next year which is likely to be seen in an event scheduled for February by the company. All in all, we can say that the next year looks good for all the gaming enthusiasts.

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