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Light Mode Now Featured for Facebook App



Introducing light mode for Facebook app. Now you can use facebook app at night while using its night mode. After a lot of demands for a black theme and darker modes, black or darker mode for the facebook app has been recently launched. Although many smartphones have been using darker modes but this is for the first time that completely darker mode has been introduced. Now go and get Facebook lite app to enjoy the best ever dark mode you have desired. The option will be available at the menu where you select the desired theme and start enjoying the app.

Now you don’t have to download various themes, just download facebook lite, go to the settings menu, Click on the option Display and pick the theme. This is the convenient way to enjoy the best ever experience of using facebook app with this mode. This is not only dark grey that goes dark with the battery. In fact, it has the option to help you in enjoying complete black mode. The black or dark theme has the ability to be handled conveniently. This Facebook lite app has especially designed for Android.

Previously Apple has also introduced black or darker mode for iOS 13. The iOS 13 has introduced at WWDC event in June. Now Ios 13 comes up with the system-wide dark mode with Apple Arcade while introducing new Memoji Customization. Therefore, if you are Android user then why wait? Download Fcaebook lite app and start enjoying the dark mode.

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