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Lenovo to Feature “Game on” Smart Gaming Phone



It has been rumored about Lenovo that soon will be collaborating with the gaming phone. Recently, it seems as the game smartphone is going to be launched. This has been projected with the help of posts on Weibo. Another projection has been made, the smart phone which is called as Game Phone will sooner be making another world record by reaching out to 600,000. Well, this will surely be another world record. The slogan of the phone itself shows that it’s not a random flagship thing rather it’s a game phone especially designed for gaming and therefore it is called as “Game Phone”.

It is expected that this device will surely be able to handle heavy games and pressurized situations. Obviously, keeping in mind the gaming things in mind this phone must have designed accordingly. The hardware must have kept heaviest or strongest to keep the performance of the device up to the mark. The best performance leads towards better AnTuTu outcomes. Lenovo declared yesterday that this phone will be equipped with 865 chipset Snapdragon. The phone has made compatible with 5th generation.

Seemingly, the phone will be launched with the logo of Lenovo Legion. Hopefully, this will be the biggest entry in to the world of game phones where this phone will going break all the previous records. It has been rumored that Lenovo will be following ASUS in this pursuits. Asus created gaming division and extended the scope of the gamers by launching The Republic of Gamers brand in the world of gaming smartphones.

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