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India has raised her Computing Research Budget



Indian Government for the next five years has raised her Computing Research Budget exponentially. The Budget is around 1.12$ Billion which means she has multiplied it by 40. This budget is equivalent to the US Quantum Computing Research Budget. The budget will over all covers quantum computing, cryptography and communications. This budget is equally comparable with that of US and European’s budgets in the same field of interests. Comparatively, this budget is fourth times higher or raised for this area, which was 27.9$ million for five years. Previous budget was allocated for National Mission on Cyber systems.

While talking to press, Ashutosh Sharma, The Secretary of Department of Science and Technology opinionated that India is “solid on the theoretical side, but we need to build infrastructure and experimental facilities, we need to build our capacity.” He further elucidated that coordination will be made within the government, the scientists and the official dignitaries of quantum computing. The purpose to allocate such a huge budget is to encourage research in these fields of quantum technologies which are useful in computing, cryptography, materials manufacturing and communications.

It has been apprehended that Indian government has realized the necessity and importance of leadership in the field of technology by raising her budget in the desired fields. Previously, Google has also proved that quantum computing is forever. Several other departments are focusing in making quantum computing useful for their own interests and get benefited from its advantages. Amazingly, discoveries of drugs, optimizing logistics, general computation and many more are few of the advantages of examples of quantum computing.

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