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Huawei will release an improved version of Mate X foldable phone next year



Huawei Mate X

One of the best things to have happened in the smartphone industry is the innovation of foldable smartphones. In the last few years, it was seen that smartphone designs were getting boring and people were starting to not upgrade every year or two for a new smartphone. But things will change since the foldable smartphones are trending right now and people will want to get their hands on one of them. However, it is also believed that the foldable smartphones were innovated so that smartphone sales could increase which had stagnated from few years.

Regardless of what the reason behind launching foldable smartphones is, we know that Samsung launched its Galaxy Fold. We also have the unveiling of Motorola’s Razr 2019 foldable smartphone but the only foldable smartphone to be sold globally remains to be the Galaxy Fold. Talking about launching globally, we saw the announcement from Huawei regarding its Mate X foldable phone with 5G support. But then, the company got affected by the US-China trade war and the ban put on them by the US government. We did not hear anything about the Huawei Mate X since then until a few months earlier where the company said that it is looking to launch the smartphone in China at first.

Now, we know that Huawei’s Mate X is already launched in China for $2400 but the company reveals that it will launch a Huawei Mate Xs in Europe next year. The new smartphone will have an improved screen, a better hinge as well as an improved SoC which means that Huawei will upgrade the smartphone to its latest Kirin chipset. Apart from that, Huawei’s Richard Yu spoke to Frandroid saying that he wants to have a lighter device in the foldable phone segment. This means that he thinks the current foldable phones are going to get lighter in weight.

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