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HMD to Launch SIMLEY & New Phones



HMD have recently applied with European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for embedded Sim Cards. These sim cards will be multi-purpose cards which will perform various functions at a time. This will be called as SIMLEY. SIMLEY will be able to function as an e-wallet/banking, telecommunication, extended warranty system and also serve as a banking system. HMD is also going to launch her three new phones. Although Google and Apple have launched such a system a while ago but the system of eSim is not that old. The phenomenon is quiet contemporary in the world of telecommunication and tech.

It has been speculated that SIMLEY is going to be a mobile payment service which will be protecting user data additionally. The Nokia phones launched by SIMELY will be compatible with eSim sooner. The phenomenon eSim has a better user experience with smartly designed phones which will provide notable opportunities to the market operators and will introduce a whole new dimension in connecting devices.

The idea behind this eSim phenomenon is to design smartest and sleekest smart phones in which placing a whole big sim is a thing. Therefore, SIMLEY has worked on the idea which is going to be launched in the near future. It is at least 5mm in width and 6 in length. Nano Sims are called as Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC) and are placed in a mobile phones while manufacturing and can also be removable conveniently. It is well equipped with Remote Provisional capabilities as well as M2M which means machine to machine functionality.

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