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Google Pixel 4 gets portrait blur, auto-call screen, better memory management to its first ‘features drop’ update



Google Pixel 4 series

One of the biggest companies in the US and the one which is responsible for developing Android released their flagship smartphones named the Pixel 4 series a few months back. Now, we know that the iPhones from Apple were also launched prior to that. That means there will obviously be a comparison between the iPhone 11 Pro series and the Google Pixel 4 series. And it has to be said that the iPhone wins in terms of camera, software, hardware and the entire package. But we know that people who prefer Android will have a choice of using Google’s Pixel 4 or any other Android phones.

The advantage you have of using Google Pixel 4 rather than any other Android phone is the latest updates and features that are available on the device. While we see that features roll out for other devices, they are first seen on Google’s Pixel 4 series devices. Talking about features, Google has just announced a new Pixel ‘features drop’ which is basically an update to bring new features to the smartphone. These new features are also likely to be available on the Pixel 4 series only at the moment.

Talking about these features, 9to5Google reveals that the first one is Portrait Blur on video calls which will be available inside Google Duo. Basically, this is a feature that will blur the background so that you will not need to hide your background and no one sees it as a privacy concern too. Also, Google Duo is getting auto-framing which means that your screen will be adjusted automatically to keep you in the centre. If needed, the call will zoom-in or zoom-out on its own to make space for other people who are also chatting. Other than that, Google will now have its call screening feature silence robocalls whereas it will screen calls and show the call screen when it finds them important for you.

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