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Foxconn says coronavirus won’t disrupt iPhone supply



Foxconn says coronavirus isn't going to affect iPhone supply

Yesterday, GSMArena reported the production of Apple iPhone could be affected by coronavirus situation and shutdown of Hubei province in China. Considering the circumstances of virus spread it is not easy to keep the pace of anything in the country. However, Foxconn manufacturing partner issues a press release to announce their arrangement of manufacturing.

Foxconn has a massive manufacturing plant in Wuhan the centre of coronavirus outbreak, the facility is following holiday schedules, and normal operations have not resumed as per standard operating hours.

Lunar New Year (Chinese Newyear) is still being celebrated by people which was extended to February 2 by the government to contain the virus from spreading.

Due to the uncertainty coming from China and the epidemy, Apple reported a wider-than-usual earnings outlook. Tim Cook told Reuters that “the situation is emerging, and we’re still gathering lots of data points and monitoring it very closely”.

According to Reuters, “After the Lunar New Year holiday, factories outside the Wuhan area will not reopen until Feb. 10, Cook said, but Apple built the delayed restart into its wider revenue forecast.”

The coronavirus has already killed 132 in China, and nearly 6,000 people are affected not just that, but cases are being reported continuously.

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