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Apple’s Mac Pro is by far the most repairable device from them in years



iFixit Mac Pro repairs

Apple released its latest powerful Mac device in the market which is named as the Mac Pro. Now, this is not the first time that Mac Pro has been launched by Apple as we already had an older version. However, the company decided that it is time for an upgrade as it unveiled back at the WWDC in June. Now that the Mac Pro 2019 from Apple is released, we also keep on getting new reports regarding the device and other aspects of the product. This latest report from iFixit regarding the Mac Pro reveals that it is the best device in terms of repairability that Apple has ever launched.

As far as Apple products are concerned, we know that they are not great in terms of repairs since Apple wants people to either repair from first-party service centres or not repair them at all. While this is a matter of safety, people feel that this is not a good step from Apple for local repairers. However, those who provide Apple repair services will be pleased to know that iFixit has awarded the Mac Pro a score of 9 out of 10 in terms of repairability. This near-perfect score from iFixit is very rare since most of the devices have some sort of repairing limitations.

However, it does not mean that if you have a Mac Pro then you will start disassembling it since it is great for repairs. Instead, it tells you that you can upgrade components on the Mac Pro without needing to buy them directly from Apple. 9to5Mac has already successfully upgraded RAM on their Mac Pro unit by purchasing them from stores other than Apple. However, the one thing that is likely to be replaced by people is the Mac Pro’s SSD storage. But iFixit reveals that Mac Pro’s SSD is attached to Apple’s T2 security chip so “user-replacements are a no-go”

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