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Apple’s highest-end Mac Pro configuration, without wheels, will cost you $52,599



Apple Mac Pro and Pro XDR display
We reported earlier this week that the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR will go on sale very soon. The latest Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR which were revealed at the WWDC earlier this year have finally gone on sale from today in the US. That being said, we know that the Mac Pro, as well as the Pro Display XDR, are products that not everyone will buy. Firstly, because of the price tag that they are being sold and also because most people don’t need that much power. There are mostly two types of users in the world concerning Windows or macOS who are either professionals or gamers. Now, we know that both these type of users will have something on the lines of an iMac Pro or the MacBook Pro. While the Mac Pro is something that will be used in studios for heavy lifting of 8K RAW footage. Talking about the users of Mac Pro, the product from Apple will start at $5999. While the Pro Display XDR will start at $4999. That being said, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Mac Pro as you can configure it to make it much more powerful. So if you are looking to configure the Mac Pro to its highest potential, you will have to shell out $52,599 as revealed by TheVerge. Also, if you are buying such a loaded Mac Pro then you will also not want to lift it so Apple is also selling wheels for the Mac Pro tower separately. These wheels will cost you another $400 so if you are looking for the highest-end Mac Pro with wheels then you will need to spend $52,999. This means that you will have to choose between a highest-end Mac Pro or a top-performance model of Tesla Model 3 as per your priority.

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