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Apple has started to sell Brydge’s laptop-style iPad keyboard on its store



Apple Brydge keyboards

You might be aware that Apple also sells iPads and Macbooks apart from the iPhones. Talking about iPads, we need to compare them with similar offerings in the Android segment. However, it is sad to see that there are no good Android tablets out there than can compare even to the iPad 7th generation which came recently and is the cheapest iPad from Apple. This shows that iPad lineup from Apple almost is in a league of its own. Talking about iPads, even Apple is pitching it as a desktop replacement for people who need computers but don’t feel the need to get a Macbook.

Talking about desktop replacements, we know that people need keyboards for getting work done because the on-screen keyboard on the iPad is not enough for faster typing and is not convenient as well. For this reason, Apple released its Smart keyboard with the launch of iPad Pro to have a keyboard attached to the tablet. But it is seen that Apple’s keyboard falls short in some areas and we now have a competition to even Apple’s Smart Keyboard. A company named Brydge launched its own keyboard which almost makes the iPad look like a laptop.

This is because it has a full-sized keyboard along with a trackpad. After seeing the popularity of Brydge keyboards for the iPad, TheVerge reports that Apple has decided to sell those keyboards on their own store. At the moment, Apple and Brydge are selling its laptop-style keyboard for the iPad 10.2 as well as the iPad Pro 10.5. However, we know that it might not be hard for Brydge to bring this keyboard to other iPads like the iPad Air since they are connected by Bluetooth and not Apple’s Smart connectors. If you are interested in getting Brydge’s keyboard, you can get one for just $129.95 which is $30 cheaper than Apple’s offering.

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