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Apple CarPlay is now free for BMW models



BMW owners, rejoice! Apple CarPlay decided to give a big gift to BMW owners, making the service free for them.

The news, though surprising, was also long overdue. BMW was the only major car manufacturer that still charged users for the Apple CarPlay service. It had been one of the major points of criticism among its users, especially when they saw even semi-luxury cars from other manufacturers getting the service for free. BMW charges $80 for an annual subscription, while the 20-year bundle subscription costs $300. The wireless feature of Apple CarPlay too found usability issues in BMW models, making the owners wonder if they were even getting their money’s worth.

Now, all of that is going away. With immediate effect, the service was made free for all BMW models in the US and UK. This meant that the 2019 models, all of which were within the annual trial, would see their membership get renewed automatically. People who didn’t buy the service after the trial ended would get the service back. All new purchases of the BMW would come with full access to the service, free of cost. BMW also clarified that people who already paid for the service would get their appropriate refunds.

For BMW owners this is definitely good news, as the Apple service works great with the already-sophisticated features of the car. Car owners with iPhones can get remote control of the service and greater accessibility. However, Android users are still without luck.

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