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Android 11 Preview Released Ahead of Launch



Recently it has been rumored that Google is preparing for something yet to be launched until now. Sooner it has been declared that Google is setting off to launch Android developer 11 and Google launches preview of the Android 11 developer which was very surprising for the fans. Why it was surprising because Google came hurriedly. For the first time in the history of Google, it has launched the preview while the Android developer 11 is yet to be launched. Expectedly, it will be launched in March but seemed as Google didn’t want its user to wait much and therefore launches the preview to test the developer.

This testing will be helpful for the Google as developers will be able to provide their feedback and Google will be able to work on those grey areas. Likewise previously, Google this time again will not stitch directly to beta stage rather works functionally while letting users enjoy the best experience like they has last year. Amazingly it will be using 5G. Already available APIs updated which helps the app to determine wat kind of connection it will use.

It has built the limit location ability ‘while app is in use’. It is based on one time permission for camera, location and microphone. This time Android has enhances the quality of biometrics and also improves the secure data storage app option also protects the sharing options. Users must be excited for the option of diver license or electronic ID.

Stay tuned for further tech updates.


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