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Analysts say Apple has cut down iPhone 11 Pro production by 25% in wake of 5G iPhones



Apple iPhones 2020

It is a fact that iPhones are the most popular commodity in the technology sector around the world. Everyone starts talking about the new iPhones even before they are getting released. Also, the talk of the latest iPhones continues for as long as almost six months since they have been released. However, we know that iPhones have not had the best of sales from the past few years due to various reasons. These reasons include a lack of new features in new iPhones as well as people willing to hold on to their old iPhones for that much longer. But the iPhone 11 series has received positive feedback and the sales were also said to be higher than expected.

Since the launch of the iPhone 11 series, three months have almost passed and we now see that there is a decline in sales of even the latest series from Apple. This might also be because the Chinese users are not buying Apple iPhones in the wake of the US-China trade war. We don’t know what is the reason but the main reason coming out of Rosenblatt Securities firm is the 2020 iPhone from Apple. All in all, we can say that Apple’s plans for next year are hurting them for this year’s sales.

Now, why is the next year iPhone so important is because it will have 5G support. It also means we are seeing the last 4G iPhone and people don’t want to buy it. It is logical that people want to upgrade to the latest technology rather than having to switch in a year or two once the 5G networks develop and they want to make use of that technology. For this reason, the analyst firm also mentions that Apple has cut down production of its iPhone 11 Pro series by 25% as per this report from 9to5Mac.

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