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AMD has Launched Best Ever Ryzen Threadripper 3990X CPU, Ultimate 64 Core



AMD has unleashed and break all the records with her rand new Threadripper 3990X with ultimate 64 Core with HEDT CPU in just 4000$. Amazingly following these three have broken various world records MS, ASUS and ASRock. This is one of the AMD’s best and powerfull CPU among her all the editions designed so far. Its processor has designed with ultimate HEDT PC for the ones who are eager for CPUs and looking for the best and powerful solution for their CPU workstation. Threadripper 3990X also referred to as the beast which has the capability to lead the HEDT segment.

AMD threadripper 3990X and her family has been vocally loud that this was one of the fastest and powerful piece. There is not a single competitor of this amazing chip. This HEDT CPU is equipped with powerful level of cores with I/O efficiency. However, threads and pricing both have make this one a world record edition. Let us find out what actually reviewers or users are saying about this beast:

P.C Watch (Shuta Mimon):

“In any case, as with the existing Ryzen Threadripper, it’s still a CPU for users with a huge core count. It’s a tough price to buy lightly, but it’s definitely not an expensive option for users who need the multi-threaded performance of a 64-core, 128-thread CPU.”

TECHGAGE (Rob Williams):

“Overall, despite the fact that it doesn’t scale well all over, the Ryzen Threadripper 3990X is a phenomenal processor. The fact that it doesn’t scale well in every case appears to us to be more the fault of software not being designed for it, rather than be a fault of the product itself. At the second-gen Threadripper launch, the situation was bad enough, as 32-core CPUs finally hit the desktop. Now we’re seeing a doubling of cores once again – that’s going to take some time to properly support.

While the scaling situations could be better all-around, it doesn’t diminish the fact that this is an incredibly impressive CPU. You just need the right workloads to take full advantage of it – and chances are you already know if you have them or not.”

AMD and its reviews are all speaks for the HEDT CPU with ultimate 64 core and says everything about the successful edition unleashed by AMD.

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