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Amazon wants to get a patent for technology that identifies buyers from their hands



Amazon Go

One of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world, Amazon, has also started stores named Amazon Go where you don’t need to pay anything. The amount for the items you have purchased will automatically be deducted from your account after you have left the store. Talking about Amazon, we know that the Amazon Go stores have a lot of cameras where it tracks all the activity that a customer does and can even accurately say if you have bought an item but left it before leaving the store which means you don’t get charged for those items.

However, Amazon now wants to patent a new technology where it wants to track its customers based on just their hands. Explaining this technology further, Vox reveals in its report that Amazon might just need you to scan your hand instead of scanning the Amazon app which is needed at the moment. A patent filed in the US Patent and Trademark Office reveals that Amazon wants to have a touchless scanning system which works by identifying people based on their hands rather than their faces. Amazon’s patent also involves scanning minutes details of the hand such as wrinkles and veins to accurately detect hands.

We feel that if the technology works, it will be great for Amazon customers and also for the privacy enthusiasts since their face will no longer be needed. While it is not certain that if a company gets a patent, it is developing such technology but we have seen a previous report which said Amazon is testing payment for its customers by scanning their hands at Whole Foods stores. The patent also reveals that there will scanners placed at the entry and exit of locations so that “if the user picks an item from an inventory location and leaves the facility, their account may be billed for that item.”

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