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It is generally seen that every industry works on inspiration in some shape or form. This is true for the world of business including technology where we have had role models such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others who have changed the way how we operate. At Point Insider, we have always believed in reporting about the “Tech that Matters”. This is not just a saying but we also believe in it and make sure that our publication follows it closely.

As far as the technology industry is concerned, it is going on since the last three decades ever since the first phone was launched. Right from there, we have seen the era of phones getting smaller and smaller and finally came the time when we had smartphones. At present, our phones have become the most used piece of technology that we use on a daily basis. Therefore, it becomes important that we keep you informed about the single most important thing in everyone’s lives.

At Point Insider, you will find that there is news about new product launches while we also believe that leaks have earned the right to be reported so that you know what is coming before it is coming.

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