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50 things you didn’t know about Google



50 Facts about Google you didn't know

We are living in the information age, and you must be aware of Google – the tech giant that controls almost 40% of the internet traffic. In this article, I am going to share 50 facts about Google you didn’t know earlier.

50. Googleplex

Googleplex is the company’s massive headquarter spread over 45 acres with a lot of innovation happening any working hour.

49. Stress as Low as Possible

Google takes care of its employees, and it is their mission to keep stress as low as possible. They’ve installed high-tech energy pods made with NASA technology to help users get an effective nap in a short time during the day.

48. Slides to Get from Upper floor to Lower

Google has placed slides right from the playground into their office to get from the upper floor to lower, but thinking of stress-relieving, it helps a lot.

47. Campus Designed like Playground

The Googleplex is engineered in a way to stimulate creativity by providing the feeling of being in a playground rather than a working space.

46. T-REX Dinosaur Statue

A huge T-Rex dinosaur statute is bought to remind workers at Google campus to work smart, so it doesn’t go extinct.

45. Naming Convention of Google

Google has a unique naming convention for its employees. If you are a worker at Google, you’ll be called a Googler, incase a newbie you’ll go with Noogler and X employees are called Xoolger. Not just that, if you’ve got a pet, it is called Doogler.

44. No Employee should be more than 200 feet from Cafeteria

Google employees get gourmet dishes cooked for them, and they don’t have to pay for it. Founders of the company made it clear, “No Employee should be more than 200 feet from Cafeteria“.

43. You get Half wage If a partner dies

If Google employees die, half of his pay is given to his/her partner for the next 10 years. It is a rare case of a private company thinking too much of their employees.

42. Less Older than Netflix

Google was founded in 1998, while Netflix was founded in 1997.

41. $200K Per minute revenue

Google Makes $200,000 per minute, and it’s not equal to trillion-dollar company Apple’s revenue, which is $300,000/minute.

40. Birth of Google was Coincidence

It happened because Larry was applying to graduate school, and Sergy happens to be already there; they met discussed Idea and Google were born.

39. Google was BackRub

Google was first named BackRub, and there was a reason based on how many backlinks/citations a page or website has it would be ranked. If there were a lot of sites linking to your blog/web, BackRub would consider it worthy and rank it better in search results.

38. Why is Google called Google?

Google is the name given to the massive number one, followed by a hundred 0’s. The idea was to show Google would become the almost limitless bank of information.

37. Early Storage Capacity

The entirety of Google was earlier available on ten 4GB hard drives arranged in a lego case, which made it easier to expand the size.

36. Current Daily Use

Compared to that, Google process 20 petabytes of information per day now that’s just in 20 years. A single petabyte is equal to one million Gigabytes of data that massive amount of data processed per day.

35. How Android named?

Android is a popular OS, and it is named after a robot because the early founder Andy Rubin was obsessed with robots.

34. Story of Android Logo

The person who designed the logo got her inspiration from the bathroom sign. The word Android usually refers to the made robot, so she took men’s bathroom image adjusted it to context with green color to signify growth. The color is green because it resembles plants – they are green, and they grow.

33. Microsoft gets $5-$15 per Android phone

Microsoft Windows mobile failed to gain traction, but that doesn’t mean they’ve completely failed. They made a lot of money from Android almost $5-$15 per phone. Microsoft owns patents that Android infringes, and instead of taking Google to court, they get royalties.

32. Google Electronic Tattoo Patent

Google patented electronic tattoo but with a tiny printed circuit to power internal microphone that can be placed inside your body to make communication better with smart devices.

31. Smart Walking Stick

Patent of Smart walking Stick: Google also patents a smart walking stick that has an embedded camera and a GPS created to capture the Google Maps Street view in remote locations. The idea was to hand these out to employees who’d go walking, and every time the stick touches ground camera would take photo and GPS module would save its location.

30. Patent of Heart Gesture

Google also tried to patent heart gesture to capture a scene with its Google Glasses.

29. Environmental Sensor in Smartphone

Google filed patents to equip a smartphone with a sensor that would detect external environment conditions, and, based on that, show personalized ads. Take an example to understand, and if you are sitting in the hot sun, they could send personalized ads for local ice-cream.

28. Gaze Tracking System

It will work like when showing adverts Google can see if people are looking at ads and see where pupils are facing to measure how much you are attracted to that ad.

27. 40% of Internet Traffic depends on Google

Over-reliance on for everything is on Google; whatever we need to search, we go to Google. On the 16th of August 2013, Google went down for 5 minutes, and in that time, global internet traffic dropped 40%.

26. Nicaragua Invaded Costa Rica Because of Google Maps Error

The map said that Nicaragua owned a piece of land that was Costa Rica, and the country is starting putting flags without realizing it was Google’s mistake.

25. Deep Mind – working to match mind and computer

The company is working on a neural Turing machine – a compute built-in a similar way a human brain is – combined with human pattern recognition with the sheer ability of a computer to crunch numbers. Once successful, it will be able to program itself.

24. Google Easter Eggs

Google likes fun, and they make easter eggs of their products and services.

23. Google in 1998

If you searched Google in 1998, it would take show the design of Google and how it looked in 1998.

22. Infinity Gauntlet Easter Egg

If you search Thanos and click on Infinity Gauntlet, half of the search result will disappear to get them back click it again. That’s fun

21. Atari Breakout Game in Google Images

If you search for Atari Breakout in Google Images, it will allow you to play the game inside your browser, making all images as objects to destroy.

20. Google owns

It mind be unusual to find out, but Google owns the domain name, I don’t know the reason, but they do own it.

19. Gmail ignores the dots in addresses

You might not be aware of it, but Google does ignore the dots in the email address, so email sent to [email protected] or [email protected] will reach to same address [email protected]

18. Street View tool of Google

Google Map is Improved, and with a street view, you can experience popular places like never before; instead of reading about it, you can see how exactly they look like

17. Google Maps Strange errors

If you look for directions in certain parts of Scotland, they used to list Loch Ness Monster. It surely isn’t free of bugs; some errors are worth fixing.

16. Launch of Gmail

Google launched its emailing service “Gmail” on April 1st, 2007 they offered 1GB of storage to everybody at the time when Hotmail used to offer 2MB.

15. April Fool Launch of Gmail

Because of the tradition of April fool jokes, people thought the launch of Gmail to be a prank, but it wasn’t. That sucks!.

14. Pet Snake Missing in NYC Office on April Fool Day

On April 1, 2007, Google sent an email to its employees of Newyork office about a Python being escaped and loose in the facility; and they were not joking!.

13. Tango

Google sensed the dawn of augmented reality, and they tried to build a system named Tango for phones to use it. The only problem was they were too ahead of their time and required manufacturers to provide special sensors inside smartphones. This project was later converted to now what’s known as ARCore, which is used by a lot of smartphones.

12. Google Helpouts

There was a project named Google Helpouts – something like Fiverr. If people need help with anything, they’d log on and talk to an expert to try and solve their problem and pay them for their time. It was a potential project.

11. Google Runs 100% of Renewable energy

The company runs 100percent of renewable energy to contribute minimally to environmental damage. Every bit of their offices, services, and data centers runs of green energy.

10. Renting 200 Goats to Mow their lawns

Instead of using traditional machinery, they rent out 200 goats to mow their lawns of Googleplex HQ.

9. Riding Bike inside Campus

Google encourages consumers to use bikes inside HQ – that’s the reason none of the bikes is locked if a person needs to get from one place to another he’d ride on a bike and leave it on destination. The company keeps doing it and loose almost 250 bikes per week.

8. Google Logo Iterations

Google just iterated its logo since its launch back in 1998, and there’s not a complete overall logo; they are using the same colors and patterns with little modification.

7. Google Logo Describes a few things

They have red green and blue the RGB in their logo with the addition of yellow to show Google doesn’t just follow the rules; it changes them. The “e” is also slightly rotated to show that the company is unconventional.

6. From Don’t Be Evil to Do the Right Thing

Earlier, the motto of Google was Don’t Be Evil later; they changed it to the safer version that is Do the Right Thing.

The Top 5 Google Facts

So these are the top 5 facts that I like, and these are surely worth reading. I find these top 5 Google facts interesting.

5. Google Started from a Grage

As you might already know, Google started from a garage of Susan Wojcicki. She ended up being CEO of Google’s video platform YouTube.

4. Calico

It is a biotech company founded by Google and built to try and fight death itself.

3. Let’s Go with ABZ.XYZ

when the parent company of Google, Alphabet, couldn’t find out the domain name “,” they registered ABC.XYZ. See problem solved!.

2. Mission to Keep Every Book in Soft format

It was one of Google’s mission to store every book in soft form. This way, they’d have been able to save book into an everlasting online format. At the start, they were doing well with trucks after trucks coming into Google’s headquarter; they would scan and then return them to libraries. After 25 million books in online scanned format, authors and publishers objected and sued Google for it.

1. From 1 million dollars to almost 300 billion dollars

This one is my favorite because smart work pays off. There was a point when Google tried to sell itself to Yahoo for 1 million dollars, and Yahoo said No!, now Google is worth $300 billion.

So these were the 50 facts about Google you might not be aware of. I knew some but not all, and that’s the reason I crafted this article so you too could have a bit of information about Tech giant.

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