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These 5 trends will grow in 2020: 5G, Netflix, Tesla, Quantum and Cloud computing



These 5 trends will grow in 2020: 5G, Netflix, Tesla, Quantum and Cloud computing

Technologies like Quantum and Cloud computing (main contributor of which is Amazon, Google and Microsoft), Software as a Service are dominating the market. These are five tech trends that we should expect to grow in the coming 12 months.

1. Electic vehicles trend will keep growing: Electric vehicles will continue to gain market share over traditional ones. Telsa Motors will be the primary contributor in this segment and achieve massive growth during the coming months. Model Y’s expected launch in 2020 will also contribute to the company’s growth.

2. Quantum computing trend:  quantum computing is about performing those tasks that take years or impossible even on supercomputers. The idea of quantum computing is becoming a reality from a far-out future, with the likes of Amazon and Microsoft is launching quantum services during the last quarter of 2019.

3. Streaming services trend: Netflix is for the time being an active holder of the market share of streaming users; however, with the launch of services like Disney+, AppleTV, and others, it will distribute. Overall the entertainment trend will grow.

4. 5G tech will overtake 4G: Only the US has four 5G operators working inside the country, and the applications of 5G are limitless. It’s unknown how much it is going to impact in real-life scenarios. 5G is a solution for almost every aspect of life where latency is a significant problem.

5. Cloud computing: Not just web hosting but also games also started to be hosted through the cloud with launch Google Stadia like services. You no longer need to have games installed on your computer, just an active high-speed internet connection with gaming gears will be enough to enjoy games. Latency was a major issue in tech which is going to be fixed by 5G technology.

Veronica is a network marketing professional and a dog mom. She loves sharing her views on the "technology-driven world" of today. Her primary niches of interest are apps and games. You can connect with her at [email protected]

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