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4Year Market Analysis of Tesla Short Sellers



From 2016 Tesla Short Sellers have been losing 16 Billion dollars which is equivalent to the 46% of the net losses following year. The situation is worsening as investors who have invested in electric cycle and energy products embarked with heavy losses even in the previous year. China has recently invested in the Wall Street to secure the company’s future and also elevated the production in her third Gigafactory currently situated in Shanghai.

In recent data financial data analysis Mr. Ihor Dusaniwsky also heading the analytics of data have concluded that Tesla Short Sellers’ investors have seen 5 billion dollars for the month of January, 2020. Here applies the supply and demand curve where, if price will increase, demand ultimately decreases. When demand decreases the Short Sellers will ultimately experience losses.

The company have closed in January 650.57$. While in the open market Tesla was competing at 748.59$ when Tesla was stating the closure. Although, the closing statement was short lived but as company closed at 15.08% yesterday. Therefore, the trait of the stock market is it rarely closed at 100$ unless something big happened at Wall Street.

Unfortunately, the investors have been losing their bets until last Friday that was extended till 300$ million. As the shares short listed by the company on Friday was 260,000 at day while closed at 400,000 on Thursday. The image above showed the overall four years’ analysis of Tesla Short Sellers and their institutional investor’s losses. During the course of four years the cycle of financial losses can be critically analyzed from today’s graph of stock market.

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